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RENOLIT REFACE - Premium quality, multi-layer film.

Smart Solutions for the Design and Renovation of Facades.

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Vinylfilm -


RENOLIT REFACE is a multi-layer film that was especially developed for flat metal facades. With RENOLIT REFACE you can refresh the shell of a building quickly, cost-effectively, and durably. The weather-resistant film covers metal facades or facade elements like a second layer of skin and lets them radiate.

The special stiffness of the film enables on-site application even in windy conditions without a problem. At the same time, RENOLIT REFACE is flexible enough to be applied around edges and corners. The products' "Air Release Technology" stops air bubbles from forming and small positioning errors can easily be corrected as the film can be repositioned before the adhesive begins to cure.

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Easy to Clean | Anti-Graffiti

PMMA (Acrylate)-Layer

Vinyl Base Film

Acrylate Adhesive
with „Air Release Technology“

Release Liner
will be removed when applied

The Advantages of RENOLIT REFACE.

Good reasons to choose our multi-layer film.

  • No need of general reconstruction
  • Very Cost Effective with costs and efforts being halved
  • Instant Drying
  • UV and Weather-resistant
  • Endless design opportunities
  • Easy to Clean

Almost unlimited possibilities.

There are twelve immediately available satin-matte base colours, that can be complemented by an endless number of customer-specified colours.

RENOLIT REFACE can also be trimmed or cut in any shape or form. Even company logos or other signage can easily be applied to facades.

The actual film color may vary from the color shown here. Representative samples can be requested.
Choose a pattern by clicking on the example. Multiple selections are possible.

Order sample

Tailored films
From 300 m² individual requests can be realized.
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Product Video.


Schritt 1

Step 1
Clean the substrate (facade panel) and cut RENOLIT REFACE to the necessary dimensions.

Schritt 2

Step 2
Peel-off the backing paper and apply it directly to the facade surface. The facade panels do not need be removed from the wall.

Schritt 3

Step 3
Thanks to the film's "Air Release Technology", the film can be applied bubble-free by simply smoothing it down with a felt-covered wiper.

Schritt 4

Step 4
The result: A durable and high-quality surface finish.

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